About us





With many years’ experience in the beauty business, both in mobile services and spas, salons and hotels, our founders are the best in the business. We use only the highest quality products and settle for giving nothing less than stellar service.

The Couch Potato Squad was formed to give real people the kind of beauty service they really want. Comfortable, convenient and on demand, like so much else in modern life. No-one has the time to faff about these days, so we cut to the chase. We will be wherever you need us to be, and we’ll make sure you have a very lovely time in the process.

We’ve worked on professional TV make-up on a regular basis, we often do bridal magazine cover shoot styling, we work with leading brands across the country, and we only use the very best therapists, chosen by us, so you can always be sure of a salon-professional finish. Our client list includes leading beauty and fashion brands, A-list celebrities, politicians, high profile business leaders and a host of everyday, wonderful people who just need a bit of a boost from time to time.

So embrace your inner couch potato, without compromising on the fabulous.

That’s what our #SquadGoals are all about. See you soon!